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Canon MX492 Review: The Most Affordable Of Its Kind?

If you are looking for an affordable printer that produces high-quality images, runs quickly, and provides a host of amazing connectivity features, the Canon MX492 is the printer for you. This printer is a workhorse that can help elevate office productivity by producing a lot of pages at a rapid clip. 

The Canon MX492 allows you to print documents at an affordable rate, it does not take too much desk space and you do not have to navigate overly complex features, this printer is a perfect fit for home offices, small businesses, and start-up businesses. 

The first thing that you will notice about the MX492 printer is that it has a tiny form factor. It measures around  17.2 inches by 11.7 inches by 7.5 inches and 17.2 pounds, it’s the smallest, fastest and lightest printer in the Canon MX lineup. It is built for the college dorm room or the urban home office and small businesses, the MX492 doesn’t hold a ton of paper, only around 100 sheets, and it doesn’t offer many paper format options, it only goes from 4X6 to Legal-sized paper. The auto document feeder can only handle 20 pages at a time, so don’t expect to print your bulk documents on this printer in one sitting.

As for the ink, you only get two ink cartridges and only 1,280 nozzles, so don’t expect the device to produce an array of complex colours. The MX492 only goes up to 4800 by 1200 dpi. So your images will be very clear, but they won’t be as dynamic. 

The Canon MX492 offers copying, faxing, and scanning capabilities. You can access this device from an assortment of mobile and cloud applications, like Google Cloud Print, Apple AirPrint, and Printing Solutions app from PIXMA. This printer is not NFC compatible, so you may not be able to do one-touch print like you can on other Canon models. It does not have a touchscreen, but it is not necessary because you can access the device wirelessly, and it has a high-speed wireless USB port, but these are just some of the features that every new printer has. 

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Although the speed of this printer is not the same as the speed of other Canon printers, it can be used for home use and small businesses. It can still print documents and scan, fax, and copy them. You can print borderless colour photos in 70 seconds. The MX492 only has two basic cartridges that will be cheap to replace. It also produces black and white documents in 8.8 images per minute and 4.4 images in colour per minute. 

Although this printer is not as fast, you can print your documents in high-quality texts, and the image does not have any complexity. It is also already stated in the manual, so you will know what you got. The Canon MX492 is a budget printer that has one specific use; it fits small spaces. It is cheaper than the most powerful devices on the market. If you need a small printer at an affordable rate, this is the best printer for you. 

You can purchase the Canon MX492, but if you are not ready to use your capital for this type of investment, you can always lease it. There are a lot of leasing companies that offer the Canon MX492 in Payment rates, so you can have your printer and complete your everyday tasks.