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Local Printer vs. Network Printer

Printers are one of the user machines along with the copiers, especially in the office. Printers vary in different functions and types. Printers keep track of your important documents and mail communications for a database. You can create and share your physical files through printing. But, when it comes to printing, you have different options and these are local or network printing. These options are not the same. It gives different services and types that vary on which way you are going to print your documents.

Differences between a local printer and a network printer:

  • Local printers are directly connected to your USB cable.
  • It only allows one computer at a time. If you are using a local printer, it may be hard for you to print using the other computer since using two computers at the same time is not allowed.
  • Lastly, it is only accessible from a particular workstation and not in a workgroup.

For a network printer, all network computers can have access and can print to the same printers at the same time. It is because a network printer doesn’t have a physical connection. It can only connect through a wireless connection and it can be assigned to a workgroup.

Local printers are easy to connect to the computer since it only uses a USB cable. A USB cable connects the computer and your printer. You can also use a local printer for personal use at home. Unlike a network printer, it is easier to install the software in local printers. Local printers do not need ethernet to connect to the computer.

This is the same goes with copiers that are local or network connection. For a network copier, it is somehow convenient to use one copier for various computers. But this may be hard to connect directly to your computers. In offices, they usually use a local printer and copier since it is easy to connect and no queue especially if you have a rushed deadline and need to print out or have physical copies of your document, a local printer or copier could be the best for you.

However, that is not only the problem of both printers but also in costs. Offices used local printers as well as copiers and since it is only one computer at a time, you needed to have separate printers and copiers in each computer that was needed. But you don’t have to worry because you can have a lease for your local printers as well as your copier. Copier leasing in Fort Collins can give you the best and affordable local printers that you could wish for. They also have copier leasing services in every machine that you lease. If you are planning to lease a copier as well, they also have a copier leasing that is budget-friendly and has the same services as your printer. Not just that, in every copier lease that you will choose, you will have a full warranty and along with their copier leasing service.

You may find it hard to choose between a local printer and a network printer. It may be a hard thing to do in terms of cost, maintenance, quality, and easy installation. But you don’t have to worry anymore as the copier leasing in Fort Collins will cover that for you. Copier leasing in Fort Collins offers assistance that will guide you especially in maintenance and technical care for both your printer and copier. You can contact the copier leasing in Fort Collins, and ask the staff which copier best fits your business’s needs.