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The Unforeseen Perks of Leasing You Copiers

Do you need a new printer or copier? Leasing one could be a wise decision. Rather than purchasing the device outright, copier leasing service Fort Collins allows a business to take advantage of advanced technology at a lower cost. That is great news for businesses on a tight budget or in a fast-paced office environment where printing demands fluctuate.

People do not normally associate a copier or printer with a lease agreement, but we have discovered that for the vast majority of our clients, there are a number of unanticipated advantages that make it the best option.

Why Should Your  Boston Office Lease A Copier?

Leasing a copier machine in Fort Collins for long-term use has several advantages for offices and small businesses. Even though leasing may appear to be more expensive when only monthly costs are considered, the benefits of renting may outweigh the additional cost.

  1. Deduction from Taxes
  2. Current Devices and Repairs
  3. Cost Effective Payments
  4. Lower Maintenance Costs

Deduction from Taxes

Leasing a copier can also help you save money during tax season. Remember to include your monthly rental fee when deducting business expenses! This is legally considered a pre-tax business expense that can be deducted. The one-time purchase fee is also deductible, but recurring rental costs result in more tax breaks for you.

The Unforeseen Perks of Leasing You Copiers

Current Devices and Repairs

The service plan that comes with a copier lease or printer from a Clear Choice Technical Service provider is one of the most significant benefits. It includes repairs as well as automatic toner monitoring and replacement. Not only will you have a designated local team to call when your device requires extra care, but your organization will be able to reduce downtime caused by copier or printer issues.

Aside from increased productivity, your organization will have the assurance that the most recent devices are always within reach. When your lease expires, you will have the option to upgrade your device to the most recent model, which often includes technological and feature advancements.

Cost-Effective Payments

The majority of small to medium-sized businesses would agree that purchasing a high-quality copier or printer upfront is not within this budget for a single month, making leasing an excellent option. While lease terms can be tailored to meet the needs of each organization, many are structured for 3-5 years, which spreads payments over a longer period and makes them more affordable for the average business.

Our clients may benefit more from purchasing a device than from copier leasing at times. We see this most frequently with clients whose expenses must be capital expenditures, such as political offices where budgets must be spent within a certain time frame and school districts spending bond money.

Lower Maintenance Costs

We have discovered that when deciding whether leasing or purchasing is a better option, organizations frequently overlook future cost analyses. Copy and print devices, like cars, accumulate maintenance costs over time. When organizations fail to consider the long-term costs of their copier or printer, repair costs come as a surprise if they are not factored into early purchasing decisions.

Maintenance costs include not only the cost of having your copier repaired by a professional but also the cost of valuable time spent by your employees attempting to resolve the issue beforehand, resulting in decreased productivity and more money lost for your company.

Speak With An Expert Now!

While there are times when you should buy your printer or copier outright, leasing is a better option for the vast majority of our clients. Ultimately, whether your organization chooses to lease or buy print devices, our primary goal at copier lease in Fort Collins is to assist you in making the best decision for your specific needs. 

Contact us at (970) 318-7022 if you are unsure which option is best for you or stop by one of our branches here in Boston. We are happy to go over the costs and advantages of each option.

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