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This Is How You Should Terminate Your Copier Lease

This Is How You Should Terminate Your Copier Lease

It is really convenient and business-friendly to lease copiers for your office instead of buying them. Still, it is not entirely avoidable to all of a sudden feel like your copier lease is not the right one for you. The question is, can you get out of it? The most common answer you will receive is that you cannot just really get out of your copier lease. When you agree to sign a copier lease deal, you legally swear on it. Now, that is some difficult agreement to just bend and get out of, isn’t it?

In Fort Collins, legally binding contracts like a copier lease are upheld greatly. There is no easy way out for anybody in matters like this, so you really have to think about your steps in this one. Alright, let us say you really need to get out of your copier leasing deal as it really is affecting your business negatively. What you have to do then is check these following loopholes that may help you terminate your lease legally.

Is buyout an option?

A buyout is a great option if you are already in your copier lease agreement for quite a long time already. It makes sense to pick this option if you have already managed to pay several months of your lease. The option should be reviewed if ever you feel like you may have overbought or under-bought in your deal. It also works if let us say, you have simply grown to a different copier need.

A buyout should be discussed with your copier leasing agent. Copier leasing Fort Collins services have leasing agents that will walk you through this option. You can either use the payments you have made for your current lease you want to terminate and use it for a new one. That is if you are opting for a copier upgrade.

If your copier lease is still fresh though, a buyout will just not make sense at all. You will be just making the worst economic decision for your business.

Check your automatic lease renewal clause, then cancel it.

Yes, a copier lease has lots of clauses you can find loopholes from. The renewal clause is one of them. Some contracts have automatic renewal agreements that when cancelled, also cancels out your current copier lease or at least eases your way out of it. You can always consult with your copier leasing agent and perhaps a legal counsel in order to have a clear look at this loophole. Of course, you don’t want to be risking to do your move alone without legal guidance.

Breach of contract review.

Contracts are made to protect the interests of the customer, which means that as far as your copier agent is concerned, it is only you who can breach your contract. However, reviewing the service contract of your copier lease may shed a light on any negligence on your agent’s part. This is when you start digging more and more to get a strong loophole to complain against them. You can either fully get out of your contract or have other mutually beneficial deals.

You can find many services you both have signed on that may have been neglected at some point in your lease. No doubt, this is a good strategy as many copier leasing agents tend to not pay full attention to these services.

It is still difficult, of course. Many copier leasing companies make sure that their contracts are as strong as they can be. You cannot underestimate their preparation for when you decide you want to end your lease before the signed-on end date. That is why you will have to really be aware of your legal stand. Also, make sure of factitious negligence to pin on them if ever you find any.