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Buying Guide for Office Printers and Copier

Office printers are a must-have facility in an office. They can best simplify the tasks of employees, particularly those who require printing machines. Nonetheless, we should not just settle with the one we have found in the market. Since many employees in the office will be using it, it makes sense to have one that is of the best quality. 


Buy office printers but consider the warranty that is offered by the store. It must also come along with an official guarantee. There are office printers that offer an official warranty for one year. Never worry, if, within that period, your printer gets damaged. Be wiser enough to choose a durable and good printer. 

Updated Technology

Lots of printer types are there to find in the market. They can range from Deskjet to laser printers. Now if you are searching for something that meets your office needs, better to select a printer that can promise quick paper printing. Opt for one to print huge sizes and colour photos. If the office demands more paper for printing, purchase a laser type of jet printer as it can print quickly.

It’s also better if you opt for a printer with document scanning capability. The mission is to complete the work quickly. Focus also on the function of your printer for photocopying. This is essential when you want to complete office work.

High-Quality Brand

There are lots of office printers to purchase around. But, be intelligent enough in buying the best kind. This is because it will consider your office needs. Better to settle with one that is long-lasting and durable. Hp is among the quality brands to have. This is suitable if you’re up to printing paper every single day. Purchase high-quality and good ones. 

Printer Condition

Try to print paper and consider the colour upon purchasing a printer. Ensure the machine you purchase does not have defects. Plus, it must readily be used. Try to scan the document and apply the white and black printing features. Never allow defects to hinder you from returning it to the store.

Brand New

You must purchase office printers that will meet your office needs. Never buy one if they were already used. This is because the effect can bring detrimental effects. Understand as well that brand-new printers can be more costly. They could last for several years. Don’t settle with a used one as it might get damaged later on. Plus, it may affect much of the employee’s work. 


The clarity and quality of printing rely on the printer’s resolution. There’s this monochrome form of a laser printer with 600 x 600 dpi up to 1200 x 1200 dpi. There’s also this colour printer with a low resolution of 1200 x 600 dpi and 2400 x 1200 dpi. The high-end printer in laser form can offer the best resolution possible. Choose a printer in high resolution if you need something that demands a professional ultra bright. 


Measure the speed by the printed pages and their number for every minute. The laser and inkjet printers come with three quality levels: best, normal, and project settings. The printing speed is decreased upon a quality level increase. The ink-jet printer as priced comes with 28 ppm speed for the black text. That also includes 20 ppm for the colour graphics. The usual colour of laser printer comes with 6 to 20 ppm speed for the black text while it’s 12 ppm for the colour graphics.

Paper Handling

The majority of printers can print on standard paper, with legal and letter sizes. They also have output and input paper trays that handle paper. The inkjet printers’ capabilities in handling paper are lower compared to the laser printers. So, buy inkjet printers as you reload the paper tray with lots of frequency as compared to a laser printer. Just remember high-end printers come with an extra option for two sides and more improved paper handling. 

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So, follow this guide when buying office printers and keep these factors in mind!