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Xerox AltaLink C8170 Review: What Makes This A Standout?

Xerox AltaLink C8170 is a Xerox printer that has been designed to fit in any environment. It is perfect for small offices, large offices, and everything in between.  This review will go into detail about all these features and more!

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 Xerox AltaLink C8170 has Xerographic, an ultra-sensitive Xerox toner cartridge. It also has a high speed of 50 pages per minute (ppm). The Xerox printer can print in colour and black & white depending on your needs.

Key features:

  • Xerographic technology
  • Ultra sensitive xerox toner cartridge

It comes with advanced security, including 256-bit encryption to transfer data over networks like WiFi or Ethernet safely. This makes this XerographiX device ideal for office use where confidential documents need protection from prying eyes! Another feature is Xerox AltaLink C8170 can be used to scan and send faxes wirelessly. It also allows you to print from your mobile device like a smartphone or tablet as long as it is connected with a XerographiX printer!

Xerox AltaLink C8170 prints up to 18 pages per minute and can print on both sides of the paper at once (duplex). Xerox AltaLink has a 250-sheet input tray capacity with an additional 50-sheet multipurpose feeder. The Xerox AltaLink C8170 also comes equipped with Ethernet/LAN connections as well as wireless capabilities.  Xerox AltaLink printers are also Xerox GreenGuard qualified, so you know that they have met the Gold standard for environmental impact.

 Xerox AltaLink printers also come with Xerox ConnectKey technology. Xerox Connectkey is Xerox’s new cloud-enabled platform that allows users to manage printing, scanning and faxing from their devices.

The Xerox C Series will allow employees to be more productive by providing them with an easy way to communicate and collaborate and creating documents all in one place instead of having multiple pieces of paper floating around. workflowXerox AltaLink C Series also allows users to print directly from their mobile device without needing a computer, making it great for those constantly on the go! This means less time spent looking for files/documents, increased communication, and better overall workflow.

Xerox is known for their reliability and great products. Xerox has been around since 1906! These machines come with a two-year warranty and an extended warranty option to give you peace of mind if any issues arise in those first two years. It doesn’t stop there, though; Xerox offers 24/seven support 365 days per year. This means that even while your machine is covered by Xerox’s warranty or extended warranty plan, this service team will be available at all hours should anything go wrong with your Xerox device. Xerox AltaLink C8470 has a monthly duty cycle of 50,000 prints which is pretty standard for the commercial printing industry. Xerox offers excellent print quality with their LED printing process on these printers. This machine also features Xerox Mobile Printing, so if you have an Apple or Android phone or tablet, Xerox can give you access to your files from anywhere in the world via smartphone app!

This unit comes equipped with Ethernet connectivity and wireless direct printing, so even without an internet connection at all times, it can still work seamlessly when offline – this means that there will be no waiting for documents to upload and download before sending. Them through the Xerox Printer! With USB ports included on both sides, Xerox AltaLink C6870dn is a reliable and robust addition to the Xerox lineup.

Xerox AltaLink C6870dn has Xerox’s Color Calibration Management System that ensures accurate colour matching between different systems or devices. Xerox printer drivers have Xerox custom settings management to provide the highest quality for your documents and images every time you print. Xerox printers come equipped with Door open detection, which warns you when a door is left open on Xerox Printer, so it does not get damaged from foreign objects falling in!

There are many reasons why you should get a Xerox printer, but here’s just three: 

  1. Xerox printers work with all major operating systems (Mac & Windows), they have easy to use touchscreen displays on their units for quick navigation when it comes time to print or scan documents, as well as built-in wireless so that you can connect wirelessly without having any cables – meaning Xerox printers are great for those who work in a home office or have multiple computers. 
  2. Xerox Secure Access Control helps you protect your data from unauthorized printing access.
  3. Xerox’s Color Centre Management System ensures that print is of the highest quality every time, while Xerox Premium Protection Plan gives peace of mind with coverage when parts need to be replaced.