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Brother MFC-L8690CDW Best Feature: Easy Cloud Printing

Have you ever wondered about an easier way for you to save your documents and print them without having to go back to your work table to get the copy from your desktop? Something like opening an online hard drive wherever you are, then with just a few clicks, you can now directly print your documents immediately just by connecting through a wireless printer. If you are, then check out Brother MFC-L8690CDW and its other features that might attract your attention and make you very excited to know and can help you in the long run.


This equipment can be easily named the fastest printer for its class. It can print out 31 ppm while automatically printing on both sides of the paper using duplex printing, so you don’t have to exert any effort in flipping the papers. All you need to do is wait for the papers to finish printing. The printer’s average time in its initial printing is only 13 seconds, considering the images on the documents. Suppose you are going to use the machine as a photocopier. In that case, you’ll be very happy to know that the speed is almost the same as printing, so you don’t have to wait for a long time for your documents to be copied as it took around 31 copies per minute whether you are copying mono or coloured documents.


With this machine, you don’t have to worry about using many devices to process your documents or go from one place to another because the device you need to use is not available in the same room as the one you are currently using. You also won’t have to worry about memorizing different printing processes for every device as they are already in one machine. All you have to do is to memorize which buttons you should press for you to be able to process your documents and finish your workload on time. With this single machine, you can make a fast and efficient workflow that can help in increasing productivity and attracting potential clients for your business or company and help achieve your goals and bring them to new heights.

Brother MFC-L8690CDW Best Feature: Easy Cloud Printing


This machine has many more connectivity options than other printers that you see on the market. This Brother MFC-L8690CDW machine can be used wired or wireless and has a USB port that you can use to read external files, and it can be read through the touchscreen display of the machine if you want to view the files inside. With these connectivity options, you can easily print your documents using your mobile phone, desktop, or laptop as long as you ensure that the device is compatible with your printer. You can also use the Google Cloud app as another wireless printer. All you need to do is choose which form of printing you are comfortable with so you can be assured that you are in control of all your future printing needs.

Brother MFC-L8690CDW has many features that are an advantage for you when it comes to printing your documents. Not only can they produce good quality outputs, but they can also keep up with your workload. Thus, the workflow and productivity of the company will not be put in a tight spot. Suppose you are interested in finding out more about this machine. In that case, you can always contact the nearest service provider in your area. They can give you additional information and answer all questions that might be holding you back from getting this machine. You can also find other devices that might help you achieve whatever project you might be thinking of for a while now.

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