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Xerox WorkCentre 6505/DN

Xerox is a well-respected name in the field of copy machines. It has been manufacturing these nifty pieces of office equipment since time immemorial, rendering its products truly valuable. Today, Xerox has produced a host of copy machines and has proven its unparalleled success. While there are many copier models that Xerox truly boasts of, there seems to be one model that has been quite close to the hearts of many office users. It is the Xerox WorkCentre 6505/DN Color Multifunction Copier. This machine boasts two primary features that many office personnel have gotten quite fond of. 

Totally Vivid Colors 

In today’s time where colour printing is the norm, the Xerox WorkCenter 6505/DN is always at the top of the game. It has a print performance that is considered the same as that of the Phaser 6500. Hence, you can expect awesome and truly vivid colours with every single print. With a speed of 24 ppm, it can print this number of pages in a single minute. Added to that, it isn’t just the printing aspect that delivers quality output, but it likewise delivers the same high-quality images when copying. 

The fact that there could be multiple users connecting to the Xerox WorkCentre 6505/DN all at once does not diminish the quality of its prints or copies. In fact, this feature has even made it a well-loved component in the office considering that it provides seamless compatibility to a host of devices. So whether you are trying to connect to the WorkCentre using a Macintosh, PC or even Linux, you will see that there really is no issue in terms of compatibility and connectivity. 

Xerox WorkCentre 6505/DN

Automatic Duplexing 

This is also one of the features that have gotten the WorkCentre well-loved by almost everyone at the office. This feature allows printing on both sides automatically. Sometimes, it is referred to as two-sided printing wherein one page would have prints on both front and back. This feature is a sure time-saver since there is no need for the employee to shift the paper to the other side before it can be printed. 

Aside from savings in terms of time, it is also more environmentally friendly. With automatic duplexing, you only get to use one piece of paper. Compare that with a system that lacks this feature and you need to print on two pages instead of one. Of course, there’s no stopping you from printing on both sides, but this would already be with human intervention. You need to manually turn the paper on the other side and put it in the cartridge before the back portion could be utilized for printing. You can ask about this feature if you’re planning to go for a copier rental in Fort Collins. 

Other Worthwhile Features 

Aside from the top two great features mentioned above, the WorkCentre also caters to various media sizes. You can print on 5.5 x 5.5-inch paper up to 8.5 x 14-inch paper. It has a good 533 MHz processor and also has a memory of 256 MB. The latter can be expanded up to 768 MB, which would already be reasonable enough for small offices. Employees also don’t have a hard time configuring the machine since it has an intuitive front panel that makes setup and configuration a walk in the park. Also, when it comes to changing cartridges, you can always do the task without any bit of difficulty. Truly, operating this office equipment would not stress any employee. 

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There is no doubt as to the reasons why the WorkCentre 6505 DN is a favourite of everyone. With good speed, high-quality prints and copies, automatic duplexing and seamless connectivity and compatibility with a host of devices, one could see why this can be considered the best buddy in every office environment.