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Important Tips When Cleaning a Copier Machine

Cleaning a copier machine is probably the minor thing considered by its owner. Little did they know that cleaning a copier regularly can affect its performance. Both printers and copiers are a machine that is composed of little gears, rollers, and crevices that are prone to grime buildup. When the dust starts to build in these areas, this can lead to annoying service issues.

Another common problem caused by dust buildup is that it affects image quality if you scan and copy documents. Copiers with smudged and dirty glasses can result in documents with streaks or speckles. This makes the file harder to read. When it comes to scanning, dirt buildup can cause problems in document indexing and recognition.

If this will not be addressed immediately, you may have a hard time cleaning your copier machine. The following are some crucial tips to consider when removing dirt and grime in your copier to keep it running perfectly.

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Turning Off the Switch is a Must

Most of you think that this tip is not that important. But keep in mind that safety is your top priority. Turning off the copier before cleaning it will avoid electrical issues when you start poking its areas.

Use a Damp Cloth for Wiping the Machine

When cleaning your copier, the first thing you should do is wipe down the machine’s light dusting using a damp cloth. It is essential to wipe the device from top to bottom. This is essential to ensure that all the dust you wipe will fall.

It is recommended to use a damp cloth rather than a water spray to prevent water from coming into the machine’s tiny parts. This also prevents possible electrical problems. If sanitizing the copier’s bottom part is important to you, a quick sanitizing wipe would be enough.

Clean the Glass Plate

Ensure that the copier’s glass is clean, considering that buildup of ink, dust, and dirt can negatively impact the scan and copy quality. If you constantly notice some lines on your document when you scan or copy, the dirt on the machine’s glass may be the possible culprit.

To clean the copier’s glass, it would be best to use a soft cloth sprayed with a glass cleaner. It is vital to use only a soft cloth to avoid glass scratches that can also lead to low-quality scans.

Aside from the machine’s glass, it is also recommended to check its upper lid and wipe it off using a soft cloth. This is used to get rid of unnecessary specks of dust or marks that lie on this part.

Clean the Bypass Tray and Paper Drawers

Your paper trays also require gentle vacuuming to ensure that it is 100 percent clean. The machine’s tray is usually where the foreign objects and dust fall. It is also where dust buildup mostly happens, considering that it is often exposed and left open. After vacuuming this area, using compressed air is also recommended to clean hard-to-reach spaces.

It is essential to inspect your paper trays regularly. Yes, they serve as a drawer, but this does not mean you can store anything on it other than paper. If putting paper clips on the tray is your habit, do not do it again.


Making sure that your copier is clean guarantees that it functions 100 percent well. If you are in Fort Collins and you’re looking for a Copier for your business, you may contact Clear Choice Technical Services in Fort Collins. You can ask about Copier Leasing Services in Fort Collins, Copier rental services in Fort Collins.