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What Printers Do Schools Use?

When it comes to printers, schools are very particular. This device is critical in ensuring that schools can smoothly perform their teaching and working processes, especially when printing, copying, scanning, and faxing are their everyday tasks. For these reasons, schools must not only rely on the budget but rather look at the printer’s function, features and specifications. 

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Schools use these three types of printers, mainly inkjet printers, laser printers, and digital photocopiers. 

It is essential to have a printer with high print speeds and additional functionality such as scanning, copying, and faxing in a fast-paced educational setting. It’s also critical that the chosen printer can quickly handle a high volume of work. Print quality, value, ink, the material should also matter.

Let’s look further at the considerations to make when it comes to school print, what brands are best, and compare the different types of printers.

Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers are perfect for home printing or business. They have many functions and can do their job—for instance, printing a clear larger text, detailed graphics, and high-quality images. They can produce bright print colors and sharp text, which other types of printers cannot. These printers are also compatible with any paper size and type.

Inkjet printers use ink and a variety of colors that can produce high-quality images and clear text. These printers have tiny dots around 0 to 60 micrometers in size, allowing resolutions of roughly 1440720 dpi. It creates an image by propelling ink droplets onto the paper through a sequence of nozzles.

Because of these uses, inkjet printers are perfect for schools that always print image materials like brochures, flyers, pamphlets, etc. These printers are also ideal for teachers that print lesson materials. 

Laser Printers

Laser printers use lasers when printing documents. Mostly, it is monochromatic, for they produce black text and clear images of sufficient quality. The printer melts the toner directly into the paper to create this high-quality images or print documents. 

Laser printers can cater to high-volume prints without compromising their quality. Because of this, they can sustain printing various materials like advertisements, brochures, handouts, and learning materials. Even though what they prints is detailed, the prints will not be prone to fading compared to inkjets. 

These printers are ideal for schools that want a high-performing printer that can print at speed and is low cost per page. Compared to other printers, this is more expensive to buy due to toner cartridges, but it will be a cost-effective option later on.

Digital Photocopiers

Digital photocopiers are the most suitable for schools since it performs many functions and features. These devices allow you to print, scan, copy, fold, and staple easily. They also come in handy in printing large documents and hundreds of documents every day since a standard digital photocopier can print as fast as 120ppm.

One of the benefits of using these printers at schools is their high-quality prints. It can photocopy documents similar to the original file. It also optimized documents and adjusted their exposure, lines, and outputs.

Best Printer Brands To Use In Schools

There are hundreds of printers available in the market with different inclusions. Sometimes, it is confusing and harder to choose which is suitable or not.

  • Brother HL-L2300D
  • Epson Expression Photo XP-6100 Printer
  • Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE c7580i
  • Ricoh IM C200
  • Brother Inkjet MFCJ6945DW
  • HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw Printer
  • Canon PIXMA iX6820 Wireless
  • Brother HL-3230CDW
  • HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M553n
  • Sharp MX-3070


School printers played a huge part in the school task, teachers’ efficiency, and overall productivity. In contrast, choosing which brands and types to choose from is not easy; however, we can help.

We are among the best tech businesses to help you find the most suitable printers for various needs. We allow you to print, lease, and buy high-quality devices from all brands.

Talk to our experts and know which printers are perfect in your schools.